30/05/14Whose Holiday is it anyway?

Whose Holiday is it anyway

Holidays…wonderful aren’t they?

I reckon that depends on whether you’re a stay at home parent or a working parent! having just come back from 2 weeks away in Lanzarote I can tell you there were some amazing moments!

A common theme, was the stay at home parent (& on my straw poll of 15 families, mum was the main carer shall we say) Mum decided that with her new sarong, matching bikini, floppy hat, oversized designer sunglasses, goldfish bowl of G&T (its 5pm somewhere!) & full make up, she was heading for the chaise lounge, while the working parent (mainly Dad) was going to play with the kids on the beach. Now a Dad with boys, this meant hole digging, castle building using various quantities of sand/water proportions, elaborate fortifications & lots of throwing kids into water, fist pumping high fiving & generally boys mimicking dads. With the little daughters however, came the scratching of heads when daughter didn’t like being thrown into the sea, or having water from recently purchased water cannon being fired into her eye while dad and brother(s) laughed fist pumped etc, cue daughter crying running to mum, causing her to spill beverage & thereby ensuing first argument within 10 minutes of arriving at the beach!

I decided to switch off ‘Mobile data’ for the first time in nearly 3 years & use the phone for receiving & making calls and texts-wow! I went cold turkey for 3 days, wondering what tweets, discussions etc I’ve missed out on, will my 500+ connections wither away? will I be missed? will I miss that retweet to a gazillion people….?

er…no is my answer. It was very cathartic & relaxing. I don’t think the world hyperventiliated because I wasn’t tweeting & a very nice time was had by all.
Stephens’ Story

While I was away, I read that this young man lost his battle against cancer. Being a Dad of a daughter of a similar age, it has to be a parents nightmare to be told your child has only so much time left to live at any age, let alone as a teenager. His bravery, courage & inspirational talks, tweets & posts were way beyond his years..A truly remarkable individual who I know has inspired my kids..A massive ‘thumbs up’ & hope his legacy continues to astound and encourage.

Well, thats enough from me, have a great final half term weekend. The weather looks good for Saturday & Sunday…Beach anyone?!!


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