25/10/17VS Associates sponsors Brampton FC

VS Associates sponsors local football team

‘The decision to get involved with my local football team was an easy one to make. Once I had decided to set my business up from home, it made sense to get involved locally and to try and give back whatever I can to the local community.

I have a monthly slot on Huntingdon Community Radio, I’m the chairman of the PTA of our village Primary School, I’m sponsoring a tree on our village green to be lit up for Christmas with 2,500 LED light bulbs and now, when I found out via Linkedin that Brampton FC needed a new warm up kit and sponsor, I was delighted to get involved. Brampton FC are doing well in their league so it is great to be part of a winning local team!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also using this for commercial sense as well, in terms of building my brand locally. I spent so many years commuting to London, totally ignoring the businesses that were so close to my home. By sponsoring local events, getting involved with my 5yr old sons’ primary school and giving some guidance to local people who listen to the local radio station and sponsoring my local football team, I’m delighted with what I have been able to do, since setting up locally 18 months ago’

VS Associates sponsors Brampton FC

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