25/11/16Happy Talk?

Happy Talk

Most of you may recognise my son, Noah although in fairness, most pictures I post of him, are when he’s awake!!

This was taken after a particularly heavy 5yr olds birthday party where much cake was consumed. Before we could get his coat off, he was almost asleep, standing up.

So why this picture?

Well readers, I’m wondering if this is how we all feel, after all financial news bulletins tell the same story of financial doom & gloom for years to come, once the autumn statement was announced.

I’m sure that if we went through old newsreel from the second world war, I can’t believe the messages would portray the same doom and gloom, in fact we know that wasn’t the case. I’m just amazed that, predictions for our financial futures from think tanks who have made mistakes in the past, are forming the basis of so called ‘ no opinion’ TV & radio stations when in fact, no one really knows what the landscape will look like once we commence exiting from the EU. We know it will be uncertain, we know it won’t be a smooth run- so why not leave it at that?

There is certainly a lot going on over the next 12 months that will add to the volatility, so I do understand the need to highlight such things, but I do not see the need to constantly drone on and on because ultimately, we’ll hear white noise and just fall asleep.

France, Holland, Austria, Germany, Italy all go to the polls and the political outcomes will potentially have consequences for the EU, as well as our hard earned savings.

Certainly we need to remain well spread (diversification is the word!). It could be a time to review any European focused investment, but then again, it might not. There no way I can call which way we need to invest , other than keep an eye on things and react as quickly as possible, should the need arise.

Yet again, we find ourselves faced with ” unknown, unknowns” and the best way forward-in my humble opinion- is to treat this as a airplane flight- know where the exits are, put your seat belt on & try an enjoy the in flight entertainment.

If anyone wants to provide me with a topic to blog about, feel free to let me know at and I’ll be sure to mention you!

Have a great weekend


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