01/12/17Give back if you can

Give back if you can

I do love my village. Although some would say with 5,000 residents, it’s more like a town, but it has its village Green, a village school, one high street. I’ve been very lucky this year, being able to sponsor Brampton FC with their warm up kit, help sponsor Christmas Lights on the green (12 oak trees festooned with LED lights – the first time in 45 years lights have been put up) and now, helping the 11yr olds by sponsoring their winter training coats. As a big chap, I’m all too aware of the benefits of exercise (I swim 4 times a week you know, about half a mile a time) so it’s great to be able to help out. As I’ve said previously, of course it helps get my name and logo known amongst the village and in the other villages when they play away from home, but to me, it’s more than that. It is giving back to the community and local people I see every day and yes, I feel good about doing it too.

So if there is a time when there is a bit of spare cash in the till, have a look and see what help you can do locally – you’ll be delighted you did.

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