20/05/14Don’t do it like that…Do it your way

Don't do it like that...Do it your way

Its me again…!

Saturday, Noah our 2yr old is asleep, the wife is over at a friends house consuming some Rioja..I say some…at least a bottle..& I’m writing a blog! but don’t feel sorry for me, I have Glen..farclas 105 to keep me company…

I’ve decided that to blog about business is ok in my line of work (1st plug..go to if you’re unsure as to what I do!..or find me on twitter @SmartSacks or I’m on LinkedIn!) its all about the person. I have my diploma, the FCA say i’m fit for purpose so yes, I can dispense Financial Advice..but I’m not everyones’ cup of tea & thankfully, we’re all different, which leads me on the title of this blog.

When I first set out in financial services some 25yrs ago, I was told to only wear a navy blue suit, white shirt & small dotted tie. I was further told to discard any rings, other than a wedding ring, or family crest pinkie ring (oh yes, of course being from the east end of London I had one of those), no wrist jewellery & I could wear a watch providing it was smart & small..oh & losing a few pounds in weight would be good too! In today’s world, this would have been plastered all over the papers & the company |(who shall remain nameless) brought to task. But this was 1989 & I’d reached an age when I wanted a career & living so close to the Square Mile of the City (10 minute bus or tube ride) of London, I did it their way. I lasted about 3 months.

My next company said that ” As a big man, with a deep voice there was no need to move your arms around when you talk, perhaps you should try to sit on your hands” Now we’re not talking Magnus Pyke here (the picture at the top!) but yes, I sat on my hands…I lasted about 9 months.

Finally, in 1994 I joined a company that wanted be me. do whatever, wear whatever colour suits, shirts, ties (within reason, the Coral Pink one was kept for special occasions!) I wanted, ‘let people see who you are’ yes, wise words & words we all take for granted now..but so liberating…until in 2011 when a manager commented that my suit & tie didn’t match…that set alarm bells off me & 6 months after that comment, I left to go out on my own.

I rarely wear a suit nowadays, if I do its without a tie. I sometimes have a beard, I’m still a ‘big guy’ & I wear a watch, ring & my late fathers’ wrist bangle. Am I a rebel? no..I’m just someone who, when he was young, was told ‘Don’t touch the iron’ & did..found out it was hot, & didn’t touch it again!

I learn by discovery, I don’t know if its right or wrong, its just how I learn & still do.

Have a great weekend


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