03/08/15Death of a salesman?

Death of a salesman


Now normally, I’d be posting about financial services, but I was recently involved in a bit of a Twitter issue. It revolved around someone else’s blog that said Social Media should not be associated with marketing…er..

From day one, I have and will continue to use social media as a marketing tool-I’m marketing myself! Of course I want to educate, share and promote but make no bones about wanting to meet more clients, with the view of doing business. Social Media gives me an opportunity to show my personality, thoughts and ideas and hopefully, gives enough information for perspective clients to get know me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating the ‘bot’ posts and the automatic direct message asking me to connect on other platforms, but I am quite happy to see someone sharing information, which I’m sure is done to start building the three fundamentals of ‘Know, Like and Trust’

We seem to be classing ‘selling’ as a dirty word and I really don’t know why. We have come a long way from the days when selling meant rolling up your sleeves to reveal an arm length of watches, or buying perfume from a chap with a suitcase, both with slick haircuts and shiny suits.

Today’s salesperson actively listens to what is being asked by a potential client, is keen to establish what the client hopes and aspirations are with regards to this potential purchase (‘I want these glasses to make me look trendy’ or ‘I want my website to show I’m professional’ even ‘ I want to ensure that, when I die, my family are more than adequately provided for financially’) and will then be able to help the client make an informed decision which not only cements a sale now, but will ensure that the client not only comes back for repeat orders, but recommends you to others.

But any sale cannot begin, until you have someone to sell to and for that, gone are the days when you could knock on someone’s door, or make an unsolicited phone call. These days it is about putting out interesting information in a way that makes people come to you. You then need to keep them interested with further information, or get involved with online discussions, so people can get a feel for who you are. Maybe you then meet up to talk some more about what you both do, perhaps help each other in your respective businesses and refer people to each other……

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is selling-you sold yourself to someone, who believes in you enough to collaborate with. Don’t be ashamed-be proud.

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